The calling process takes time, normally a year or more.  We need to keep in mind that this is not just a hiring process, but a process of discerning what God is calling us to do as disciples of Christ.

On Saturday, July 29th, the Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin facilitated a Calling Process orientation for the members of St. Paul’s search committees, and the Profile Committee was launched into the work of developing our Parish Profile.  When the “open” position is posted, the profile will be the primary means by which prospective applicants learn about our church.  It will include information about our community, worship traditions, ministries, programs, finances and goals.

Remember the Profile Committee in your prayers, that the Spirit of wisdom will be their guide.



Celebration of Rev. Jeanne’s
Ministry at Sunday services                          Dec 3
Rev. Jeanne’s Retirement Gala                      Dec 10
Rev. Jeanne’s last day in Office                     Dec 15
Interim Rector arrives                                    Jan 2018


Parish Profile Development                          Aug-Oct
Congregational Assessment                           11-25 Sep
Rector’s Position is posted                              Dec
Initial Candidate Screening and                    Feb-Mar
Interviews                                                          2018
Interviews and Call                                          Apr-Jun
New Rector Arrives                                          Aug-Sep

PROFILE COMMITTEE – This committee is responsible for data gathering and preparation of the Parish Profile.

Mark Sally, Chairperson

Jim Brown

John Healy

Jeff Jarvis

Mittie Railsback

David Sells

Virginia Vater


During the month of September, all members of the parish will have the opportunity to participate in a congregational assessment (survey).  The assessment will provide a comprehensive view of our experiences, perceptions and aspirations for inclusion in the Parish Profile.  The survey will be available on-line for completion at any convenient time between Monday, September 11th and Monday, September 25th.  The survey may also be completed in paper form following services on Sunday, September 17th.

APPLICANT REVIEW COMMITTEE – This committee is responsible for reviewing applications, interviewing applicants and recommending candidates to the Vestry.

Leslie Soughers, Chairperson

Del Baker-Medlock

Debbie Borst

Heather Healy

Jeanne McCarrick

Pat Morgan

Donna Patey

Fred Railsback

Steve Rodekohr

Robin Silver