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Transition and Rector Search

VESTRY NOTES December 2017 update

Following a wonderful celebration of her ministry among us, Rev. Jeanne handed the Vestry her keys to the church, and headed north to spend the Christmas holiday with her family and friends in Canada.

The Office of the Bishop has presented the Vestry a candidate for St. Paul’s interim rector.  We are reviewing the candidate’s resume and ministry portfolio, and will make arrangements to interview the priest in early January.  Please understand the identities of candidates for interim rector must remain confidential until the Bishop announces an appointment. 

The Vital Signs report from the congregational assessment conducted in September characterized the health and vitality of our church as transformational, a source of new meaning and purpose for its members.  That energy will serve us well as we continue the Lord’s work in our parish family and the community of Benicia.

St. Paul’s is blessed having a strong clergy and lay ministry team to lead the parish through this time of transition and rector search.  Until an interim rector is appointed, St. Paul’s associate priests will continue to lead worship services, and our Deacon, Rev. Beth Gaines, will coordinate the response to any calls for pastoral care.  Your parish staff, Vestry and rector search committees, comprise an awesome team to manage the calling process for our next rector.

The Profile Committee is putting finishing touches on a comprehensive description of our church, including information about our community, worship traditions, ministries, programs, finances and goals.  A draft Parish Profile is undergoing internal review and will soon be submitted to Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin, our Diocesan consultant.  Once the parish profile is approved by the Vestry and the Bishop, the open rector position will be announced.

A rate of pledge fulfillment near 100 percent for the year to date and the success of our fall stewardship program have reaffirmed a long-term commitment of the congregation to the fiscal stability of our parish.  The Vestry has approved a two-year financial plan in support of parish operations through the clergy transition. 

Please save the date and plan to attend St. Paul’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday, January 28th for a full parish status report and any additional updates regarding the calling process for our next rector.  The meeting will follow a single 10 AM worship service that day.


Remember the Profile Committee in your prayers, that the Spirit of wisdom will be their guide.

Mark Sally, Chairperson

Jim Brown

John Healy

Jeff Jarvis

Mittie Railsback

David Sells

Virginia Vater

Judy Furlong, Chaplain




·      Parish Profile development



·      Formal announcement of open Rector’s position

Jan 2018


·      Initial candidate screening and interviews



·      Candidate interviews, parish visits, election and call



·      New Rector arrives