June 19, 2018

***NEXT MEETING JULY 17 , 2018***


Follow up items:

  1.       Request for line item in the 2019 Budget for support of Community Meal.
  2.      A vendor has been located for the Brick/Paver project.  More at the July meeting.
  3.      We have been given an AED machine.  More discussion regarding training, location at the July meeting.
  4.      Barbara will contact Betsy about Instagram.  
  5.      Please mark your calendars for the July vestry meeting; David will provide dinner and we will start at 6:30 p.m.

Present:  Rev. Peter Champion, Barbara Jewell, Charlie Kilbourne , Del Baker-Medlock, Kim Rodekohr, Art Schipper (Treasurer), Anne Seed, Yann Jouvenot-Sells, Bill Smiglewski, David White

Absent: Beth Gaines, Mark Sally

The June Vestry meeting on June 19, 2018 was called to order at 7:02 p.m.  Ski shared an opening reading on Growing Gratitude.

The consent calendar was approved, including:

  •      Minutes of 4/17/18 Vestry meeting (note we did not have a regular vestry meeting in May 2018)
  •      Treasurer’s Report, April and May 2018 (attached)

Special Reports

  •      Youth and Family Ministry – A very successful KVA, “Dr. Seuss on the Loose,” with 40+ kids participating.  Looking at dates for KVA, Summer 2019.

Interim Rector’s Report

  •      Update on stained glass window project – We have one bid of $77,000, with two additional bids expected.  We also have a bid for a survey of the overall stained glass windows in the church at $6,900.
  •         Paid staff needs to turn in time sheets showing hours worked on a monthly basis.  This needs to be recorded in writing, on paper, showing day to day hours. This needs to be emphasized with the staff.
  •         Fr. Peter shared his opinion that it is an unreasonable expectation to expect the Rector to be head organizer of KVA.
  •         People are continuing to be trained on the various modules required by the Diocese, including KVA youth counselors and SSP staff.   Godly Play people need to be trained, as do Nursery School attendants. Training is valid for 5 years.

  Senior Warden’s Report

  •         Report on reserves – We now have $254,000  in unencumbered reserves. A housing loan to the new Rector of $100,000 will drop those reserves to $154,000.00.  in the meantime, hopefully, those reserves will continue to grow.
  •         Contract revisions with Weight Watchers is still on-going.
  •         A motion was made by Yann, with a second from Kim, to amend the 2018 budget to include $1000 for the Community Meal.  Motion passed. Moving forward the budget should contain the Community Meal as a line item.
  •         A motion was made by Barbara, with a second from Kim, to approve the expenditure of $1280 for garden mulch.  Motion passed. The garden needs to have new mulch every 3 years.

Junior Warden’s Report

  •         Clean up of the homeless encampment has been completed.
  •         Fence between the backyard and the neighbors’ yard is very rickety and replacement is likely going to be needed.
  •         Gas line to backyard BBQ is presenting a trip hazard and corrections need to be made.·    

Other Business

  •          Discussion about Pride Flag – Yann will buy a new Episcopal flag and Pride flag.  Discussion about what it means and doesn’t mean to raise the Pride flag. It isn’t about making a political statement, but a people statement, one that says all are welcome here.  There will likely be parishioners who are less comfortable with the Pride flag and Fr. Peter will welcome them to have a discussion with him. The vestry was 100% supportive of proceeding with getting the new flags raised as soon as possible.  The plan is on Sunday, 6/24/18, to bless the flags at both services and to raise them following the 11:00 service. The vestry would like some type of Episcopal Pride notation on the church website as well. The addition of the Pride flag is intended to be on a permanent basis.
  •         A vendor, Weber Monuments, has been located for the Brick/Paver project.  Memories were that bricks were $125 each; pavers were $250. More at the July meeting.
  •         We have been given an AED machine.  More discussion regarding training, location at the July meeting.
  •         Update on the 4/28/18 Deanery Meeting – included idea sharing.
  •         Barbara will contact Betsy about Instagram.  
  •         Art will be gone for the July vestry meeting.

The June vestry meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m. Fr. Peter shared a closing prayer.

Submitted, Anne Seed, Vestry Clerk