March 20, 2018


***NEXT MEETING APRIL 17,  2018***



Follow up items:

  1. Pride Day discussion and creation of a Pride flag sign for the church sign
  2. Barbara to check the DeWeese Memorial Fund to see if it excludes the coverage of staff salaries.
  3. Please support Fr. Peter’s presentation, “Why Can’t We Just Get Along,” at Heritage Presbyterian Church, 3/21/18 at 7:00 p.m.
  4. Barbara will ask Fred about the possibility of requesting additional handicap designated parking from the city. 
  5. Fr. Peter to speak to the sexton regarding the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms.
  6. David to ask a colleague of his to follow up with JoAnn regarding a new computer/monitor.


Present:  Rev. Peter Champion, Del Baker-Medlock, Rev. Beth Gaines, Yann Jouvenot, Barbara Jewell, Kim Rodekohr, Mark Sally, Anne Seed, David White

Absent: Charlie Kilbourne, Art Schipper (Treasurer), Bill Smiglewski


The March  Vestry meeting on March 20, 2018 was called to order at 7:04 p.m.  Del shared an opening reading and prayer. 


The consent calendar was approved, including:

Minutes of 2/20/18 Vestry meeting, with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report (attached)


Interim Rector’s Report

  • Please see attached report from Fr. Peter. 
  • KVA:  The vestry approved a maximum of 40 hours of time at $25 per hour for Beckie to work on KVA.  Anne reminded the vestry that the DeWeese MemorialFund is not intended to cover staff salary costs.  Barbara will follow up on that. 
  • The vestry authorized Fr. Peter to proceed with discussion with the Fund for Sacred Places grant foundation as one opportunity for additional funding for stain glass restoration project. 
  • The vestry authorized holding an Offering of Letters for Bread for the World 2018 to occur sometime during the Easter Season.  Cost to St. Paul’s will include paper supplies and stamps.
  • Please note 4/15/18 Summer Camp presentation by representatives from The Bishop’s Ranch (Healdsburg) and St. Dorothy’s Rest (Occidental). 
  • Fr. Peter will be gone post-Easter Sunday, 4/2-4/18. 

 Senior Warden’s Report

  • The meeting transitioned into closed session for discussion of recent personnel changes.
  • Discussion of Safe Church Training and who needs what and in what order
  • Additional parking for those with disabilities was discussed.  The vestry approved 3 spaces behind the church to be designated on Sundays for those needing closer in parking.  We will develop some type of signage that can be put out/brought in by the vergers on Sunday.  Barbara will also ask Fred about the possibility of requesting additional handicap designated parking from the city. 
  • Sponsoring a youth study session in the Parish Hall was discussed.
  • Possibility of a Mother’s Day breakfast was discussed.   Anne raised the point that felt exclusionary and not an activity that would welcome all.  The possibility of doing a Dr. Seuss breakfast to promote KVA was discussed. 


Junior Warden’s Report

  • Bathrooms, particularly the Undercroft bathrooms, are not being adequately cleaned.   Fr. Peter will speak to the sexton. 
  • Mark Sally will donate another thermostat to help regulate the temperature in the rooms. 
  • Request to replace the lock boxes on the thermostats.  Vestry decided that was not the action they wished to take at this time.       


Ministry Reports

  • Youth and Family Ministry: no report.
  • .Applicant Review Committee:  applications are being reviewed.     


 Other Business

  1. Benicia “March For Our Lives” on Saturday, March 24th.  Vicki Gray has a sign “Episcopalians for Peace.”  Del will coordinate distribution of bottled water to the marchers and our bathrooms will be available to all.
  2. Copier/Vendor selection – existing contract expires in March, but there is no additional information from JoAnn
  3. Selection of computer and monitor for Parish Administrator – David will ask a person who does this for his office to be in contact with JoAnn.
  4. Brick/Paver project – Barbara still tracking down information.
  5. Kim discussed Party of Parties and the vestry is in agreement to help with the event on 5/6/18 and also to support the effort by hosting parties and recruiting others to host parties.    

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.  Fr. Peter shared a closing prayer.      


Submitted, Anne Seed, Vestry Clerk