Faith formation is the work of every congregation. At St. Paul’s there are many opportunities to grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ. For Baptism, Confirmation, Affirmation and Marriage, please contact the church office or the Rector.


Confirm Not Conform (CnC)

Confirm not Conform is being offered once again.  This intensive program of exploration of faith is geared to youth, but it is also of benefit to adults who are interested in an engaging time of questions and discussion.
Want to renew and strengthen your relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ? Maybe Cursillo is for you. Spend a weekend with music, good food, prayer and community; who knows were it will lead you! 
Men’s 4th Day
This small group is open to men who have completed a full weekend Cursillo retreat.  It is not limited to members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, but is open to all Christian Churches.  Our members currently come from four churches in the area.  We meet monthly for bible reading, prayer, and sharing about our spiritual path.  Please call the church office for further information.  (707)745-0307
Wednesday Morning Bible Study
This group meets each Wednesday morning after the 10 a.m. Eucharist to study and discuss the Bible. The group studies the lections assigned for upcoming Sundays.  Join us on a drop-in or regular basis.  We meet in the Parish Hall at about 10:45 am, share coffee, cookies and conversation. You are welcome to bring your own Bible or use one of our many copies. This is an open, informative time for a friendly exploration of scripture.