Children of St. Paul’s, age six (6) and older, can learn more about the Church through their participation in the Youth Acolyte Ministry. Under the tutelage of our clergy and adult lay ministers, these young folks carry the cross for processions and receive the gifts of bread, wine and alms at the altar during the 11 am family worship service.  If any youngster would like to join the Youth Acolyte Ministry, please contact the church office at (707) 745-0307.



Altar Guild

The Altar Guild ministry is a shared ministry (i.e., you work as part of a small team) that is responsible for the preparation of the altar for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and assisting the clergy before and after the services.  It is a wonderful ministry for those who prefer working behind the scenes.  Both men and women are welcomed.

Contemporary Music

The 11 am Contemporary Music Ministry is a group focused on praise, worship, and prayer, both sung and spoken.  We help to lead Contemporary Worship both by teaching and by example.  No musical training or experience is necessary.

Flower Guild 
Our goal is to honor God by providing flowers to enhance our beautiful historic church.  If you love flowers, come join us. We have a vibrant group with a wide range of experience and training.  We generally work in pairs one Sunday a month.   We also have a group of substitutes who pitch in when people are out of town.  The entire team comes together to create the incredible arrangements you see at Christmas and Easter.  If you are interested in joining the Flower Guild, contact the church office at (707)745-0307.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Intercessors

The work of our lay eucharistic ministers and lectors is vital to the flow of every liturgy. The gift of preparing for the service, crafting prayers and being attentive on Sunday mornings as we gather to worship enhances the experience of everyone. This is a ministry that takes dedication and training. There is no age limit to this ministry, and training is provided.

Youth LEM and Acolyte

Morning Prayer

Monday through Friday at 9 a.m., the service of Morning Prayer is offered in the church.  It is a beautiful way to start the day. Everyone is welcome!

Office Angels

The Office Angels ministry provides volunteers who help the parish administrator with routine office tasks on a weekly and monthly basis. We have 10 faithful office angels who help with the weekly Sunday service sheets.  We are always looking for substitutes.  If you are interested, please call the church offices at (707) 745-0307.

Traditional Music Choir



The music ministry of the traditional choir is to provide musical leadership at the traditional worship service at 8:45 am. The choir helps the congregation sing the appropriate parts of the worship service and helps the congregation gain confidence when presented with new music. 








Each service, the ushers greet those coming into church to worship with a warm smile and a service sheet.  They are available to assist with questions about the service as well.  Ushers perform several very important functions during the service such as the during the Offertory and the Eucharist or Communion.
Ushering is a ministry of hospitality and we need your support for a once-a-month commitment for either service. All ushers receive a training session and are assisted by experienced ushers until they are comfortable with the work.

Our littlest ushers

Our littlest ushers