Tuesday update – May 5, 2020

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

My favorite thing about the community meal at St. Paul’s is that it’s 100% free and for everyone. Not just the “hungry” or the “homeless,” but all of us. You don’t need to qualify, no one checks your ID – the food is, simply, free. To anyone – even a busy Mom/Rector who needs a night off from cooking!

This week, St. Paul’s partnered with #FoodisFreeBenicia to set up a free food stand in the city park right in front of the church. This group, which has a wonderful Facebook Page, sets up stands throughout the city so people can donate and take food as they need. They operate with the same idea. Anyone can give. Anyone can receive.

When Jesus walked among us, he did not check IDs. He did not ask for a copy of our W-2s, proof of residency, or income level. He simply ministered to those in need. He fed the hungry. He healed the wounded. And I think he rejoices at the generous spirit cropping up all over Benicia, Vallejo, and everywhere. May it continue to thrive in our hearts and our neighborhoods!

Check out #FoodisFreeBenicia at FoodisFreeBenicia.org or on Facebook at Facebook.com/foodisfreebenicia 


–Rev. Annie



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