Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia

Tuesday, December 17 @ 6:30 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 21 @ 6:30 PM


Call to Order: The December 17, 2019 Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Rev. Annie Mertz.


Present: Beth Gaines, Deacon Heather Healy, Barbara Jewell, Charlie Kilbourne, Del Baker-Medlock (Treasurer), Yann Jouvenot Sells, Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz (Rector), Ken Nowinski, Kim Rodekohr, Mark Sally, Bill Smiglewski, David White, Betsy Zampa (Clerk), Giovanna Zampa (Youth advisor)  

Kim Rodekohr shared a meditation about the Woman at the Well. An opening prayer followed led by Rev. Annie.


Consent Calendar


Rector’s 2020 Housing Allowance

Whereas, the Reverend Annie Pierpoint Mertz is compensated by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia, exclusively for services as a minister of the gospel; and Whereas, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church does not provide Rev. Annie with a rectory; therefore, it is hereby Resolved, that the total compensation paid to Rev. Annie for calendar year 2020 shall be $81,280, of which $81,280 is hereby designated to be a housing allowance.


Kim made a motion to approve the above the resolution. Yann seconded. Passed unanimously.


Approval of November Vestry Minutes – Motion to approve by Yann, seconded by Barbara. Passed unanimously.


Approval of November Treasurer’s Report – Motion to approve by Mark and seconded Yann.  Discussion about which version of the Treasurer’s report was being approved as one had been emailed that morning. Motion did not pass.


Barbara moved to table the November Treasurer’s report to the January meeting so that everyone will have had a chance to review. Mark seconded the motion to table. Passed unanimously.


January Budget Meeting – A meeting was scheduled to discuss the 2020 budget for Tuesday, January 14 at 6:30 pm.




Special Reports/Discussion Items

Member Outreach Update – Feedback about how the outreach project was going.  Vestry  went through last names M – Z and will continue contacting folks to let them know they are missed.

2020 Vestry Preview –  We have many good candidates interested in serving on Vestry.

Vestry Retreat – Feb 8th – St. Martin’s Davis

Annual Fund Raiser – Vestry discussed a possible Open Studios Fundraiser for May 2020


Mutual Ministry Review – Every Congregation in the Diocese of Northern California is expected to conduct an Annual Ministry Review. The Rector and Vestry agree to an annual discussion and mutual review of the total ministry of the congregation.  This is something that needs to be accomplished in 2020.


Family weekend – President’s Day Weekend – 30 people – Arnold, CA


Barbara called for adjournment at 8:20 pm. Dave seconded. Passed unanimously.



Betsy Zampa, Clerk of the Vestry