Vestry Meeting Minutes St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia February 19, 2019    

  ***Next Vestry Meeting, March 19, 2019 at 7 pm****    

  Call to Order:  The February 2019 vestry meeting was called to order at 7:02PM.  Kim Rodekohr shared an opening meditation.   Present:   Del Baker Medlock (Treasurer), Fr. Peter Champion, Rev. Beth Gaines, Heather Healy, Barbara Jewell, Yann Jouvenot-Sells, Charlie Kilbourne, Ken Nowinski, Kim Rodekohr, Mark Sally, Bill Smiglewski, David White, Betsy Zampa (Clerk) Absent: Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz (maternity leave)        Consent Calendar  A motion was made by Barbara and seconded by Yann to approve:

  • Minutes 1/15/19 Vestry Meeting (attached)
  • Treasurer’s Report for January 2019
  • Addendum to the minutes for the Annual Meeting (attached)

Motion passed.   Note that in the future the Treasurer’s report will be emailed to the vestry members in advance of the vestry meeting so that vestry members will have adequate time to review it prior to the meeting.   Father Peter passed out a copy of the following:

  • By-Laws of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  • By-Laws of St. Paul’s Historical Trust.
  • Paul’s 2019 Budget
  • An article entitled: “My Top Ten: Vestry Responsibilities”

A general discussion of St. Paul’s governing documents followed. Barbara Jewell reminded vestry members that they are fiduciaries and as such have the responsibility to act in the best interest of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and its’ members.     Barbara read a letter from Anne Seed extending a special welcome to Heather Healy and Ken Nowinski to the Vestry as well as thanking Kim Rodekohr for stepping up as the Junior Warden.



  • Rector’s Report –See attached

  In addition to the report, Father Peter reported that Rev. Canon Mary Goshert and Katie McGovern will be offering an Adult Forum during Lent on Radical Forgiveness. The first forum will be on March 14th.     Regarding the Proposed By-Law revision – See attached – Barbara Jewell will get in touch with the Chancellor of the Diocese for clarification. Fr. Peter recommended that Barbara acknowledge we received proposal and table the issue until Annie’s return.   Parochial Report was reviewed.  Motion to approve by Barbara, seconded by Kim. Approved unanimously.  

  • Deacon’s Report— Beth Gaines

  Rev. Beth stated that the Older but Wiser Group will have something on the calendar in the near future regarding caregiving. St. Paul’s is working alongside Benicia Community Congregational and Wayside Methodist to provide information and support on this topic.  

  • Senior Warden’s Report–Barbara Jewell – See attached

  Motion by Kim and seconded by Mark to dispose of the Riso machine as recommended by Barbara Jewell.  Motion passed.   Discussion about Mutual Ministry Review. It was decided that we will wait until Annie’s return to talk about when we should do it.     Historic Trust – Barbara moved that Charlie Kilbourne be appointed as a trustee on the Historic Trust.  Kim seconded.  Passed unanimously.    

  • Junior Warden’s Report—Kim Rodekohr – See attached

  Kim also pointed the Maintenance Service Request forms that she’d made and put in a folder in the Parish Hall.  If anyone sees something that needs repair or maintenance, please fill out the form and place it in the box.   Special Reports/Discussion Item

  1. Party of Parties – Kim reported that St. Mary’s in Napa has great success in fundraising by hiring a party planner. Yann volunteered to make phone calls to party planners. He will call 3 planners and send an email out to the Vestry with results.
  2. Peter noted that since Julie MacKenzie is moving away, we need another Lay Eucharistic Minister scheduler. He will ask Michelle Ellet if she’d like to take on the responsibility.
  3. Barbara passed a sign-up sheet for Vestry Host & Meeting Snack/Devotion. Please let her know when you’ll be able to serve.
  The February 2019 vestry meeting was adjourned at 8:33 pm with The Lord’s Prayer.
Submitted,   Betsy Zampa, Vestry Clerk