Vestry Meeting Minutes
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia March 19, 2019
***Next Meeting: Tuesday April 16 at 7:00 PM***

Call to Order at 7:03 David White shared a meditation regarding hospitality

Present:   Del Baker Medlock (Treasurer), Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz, Heather Healy,  Barbara Jewell, Yann Jouvenot-Sells, Charlie Kilbourne, Ken Nowinski, Kim Rodekohr, Mark Sally, David White, Betsy Zampa (Clerk)
Absent: Bill Smiglewski, Beth Gaines
Consent Calendar A motion was made by Barbara and seconded by Yann to approve the Vestry minutes of 2/19/19.  Motion passed unanimously.   A motion was made by Kim and seconded by Mark to approve the Treasurer’s Report for February 2019.  Motion passed unanimously.  
  • Rector’s Report Annie Pierpoint Mertz – see attached

  Rev. Annie reported that next month she will present a prioritized list as to what needs to be accomplished.  She requested the input of the Vestry in developing such a list.   Rev. Annie reported that she delivered our cards to the Islamic Center in Vallejo expressing our support in the wake of the tragedy in Christchurch., New Zealand.  She reported that there is a vigil Wednesday night (3/20/19) at Islamic Center and encouraged folks to attend if they are able.  

  • Deacon’s Report – Rev. Beth Gaines – no report


  • Senior Warden’s Report–Barbara Jewell – see attached


  • Junior Warden’s Report—Kim Rodekohr – see attached

    Kim encouraged everyone to attend the work party on March 30 @ 9:30 am   There was discussion of the use of the single use plastic bags at the Community meals.  She would like to see the guests at the community meals encouraged to use reusable bags to carry their food home. The coffee cups used for coffee hour are compostable and should be discarded of in the compostable waste can.   Kim has created a maintenance binder which will be placed in JoAnn’s office should anyone need to follow up on a request.   Special Reports/Discussion Items

  • Grace’s Scholarship – St. Paul’s received a donation of $10,000 for Seminarian support at the end of 2018. Mark made a motion that we send a check in the amount of $2800 to cover Grace’s tuition and books.  Kim seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously.


  • Distributed Leadership Exercise: Transitions in Lay Leadership
    • How do we recruit and retain volunteers at St. Paul’s?

  Annie asked the Vestry to break into small groups of three or four and practice using the Distributed Leadership Tool. It is a decision-making process that guides us to think in a holistic way and helps us make better decisions.   The small groups came back together after 10 minutes of discussion and reported back to the whole group.     

  • Party of Parties Discussion – Yann reported that he’d been in contact with three party planners. Unfortunately, they had no experience in fund raising type events. After some discussion, Yann said that provided that he as a commitment from the entire Vestry to help, he would head up planning a fund-raising event for St. Paul’s.  Planning will take place as a group. 
Call for Adjournment and Closing Prayer
 Rev. Annie closed in prayer at 9:15 pm      
Submitted, Betsy Zampa, Clerk of the Vestry