Vestry Meeting Minutes St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia Tuesday May 14 at 7:00 PM

***Next Meeting: June 18, 2019 at 7PM***   Call to Order at 7:01 pm

  Present:   Del Baker Medlock (Treasurer), Rev. Annie Pierpoint Merttz, Heather Healy, Barbara Jewell, Yann Jouvenot, Charlie Kilbourne, Ken Nowinski, Mark Sally, Bill Smiglewski, David White, Betsy Zampa (Clerk), Giovanna Zampa (Youth advisor)
Absent: Beth Gaines (Deacon), Kim Rodekohr Bill Smiglewski shared an opening reading about pardoning debt and forgiveness.
 Consent Calendar A motion was made by Barbara and seconded by Ken to approve the Vestry Minutes of April 16, 2019.  Motion passed unanimously.   Treasurer’s Report for April 2019 – Del reported that the Diocesan auditor had audited the books and found everything in order.  The auditor had a few helpful tips and suggestions about combining some line items to better streamline the books.   A motion was made by Yann and seconded by Bill to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed unanimously.  
Reports   Rector’s  Report – Annie reported that she and her husband Andrew are in contract for the purchase of a house in Benicia.  As a part of her Terms of Call, the church agreed to lend her $100,000.  In order to move the process forward, the lender needs a document with the terms of housing loan.  Terms of call says the church will provide the loan at “market rate.”  The vestry needed to determine what that rate is.   The Vestry then went into Executive Session to discuss the interest rate of the loan. (Both Rev. Annie and Giovanna left the meeting)   When Rev. Annie and Giovanna returned, Vestry advised Annie that the interest rate would be 3.75%, slightly lower than the 3.875% rate they will get on their first mortgage.  The loan will be secured by a second deed of trust against the property Annie and her husband are buying.  The terms for repayment are set forth in the Note, a copy of which will be attached to these minutes.
Rector’s Report  – Annie returned after the Executive Session and reported that the Conference she attended online with regard to stewardship was helpful.  She said giving overall is up but giving to churches is down. There were ideas about using Venmo for giving along with other ideas that may appeal to younger people.   She toured the Mormon temple in Oakland and had thoughts about throwing our doors open to the community.   She is reading a book entitled Hero Maker about increasing and equipping volunteers.   The program, Ministry Scheduler Pro has been purchased and Michelle Ellet is embracing the program.  It looks like it will be very helpful across all ministries.  Annie will ask Michelle to put the Vestry Host rotation into it.   KVA – Annie is meeting regularly with Beckie.  Annie will be the story teller.  The applications have been sent out and are online.   Next week, May 21 – 23, Annie will be at a Clergy Conference. .
Deacon’s Report – Rev. Beth Gaines – none  
Senior Warden’s Report – Barbara Jewell – Barbara referred the Willet Hauser stained glass proposal to Ski, Bob Hall, Fred Railsback and Dawson Urban  This subcommittee recommended not using said company  However, both Ski and Ken expressed a desire to go and  see some of the work this company has done on other churches before a final decision is made. The sub-committee will have a report for the June meeting.
Junior Warden’s Report—Kim Rodekohr – none   Party of Parties – Yann Jouvenot   Name: New Beginnings Summer Garden Party Date: Saturday, September 7, 5 pm -9 pm Place:  St. Paul’s Parish Hall and front yard Tickets; $50 Finger food, bar, live music, live and silent auction, child care   Food:  Yann Bar:  Ken Live Music: Ski Auction Items:  Ken, Dave White & Heather Auctioneer:  Yann Child Care:  Annie  
Discussion Items Community Meal Leadership – Annie & Barbara reported on progress. The job has been split into 3 positions.  Annie will send out the job descriptions to the Vestry members. Annie has spoken to a couple of people who may be good candidates for the positions. The vestry felt that term of the Community Meal Coordinator should be limited to 3 years. There is a need to find better ways to integrate the parish into the community meals by encouraging parishioners (including Vestry members) to attend community meals and by advertising to the parish that individuals and families can come and help serve at the meals.  
Adjournment at 9:00 pm   Submitted,   Betsy Zampa, Clerk of Vestry