Vestry Meeting Minutes November 18, 2018
*** REGULAR VESTRY MEETING, DECEMBER 18, 2018, 7:00 P.M. Follow up items:
  1.   Save the date:   Rev. Annie’s Installation, November 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
  2.  Save the date:  Tentative Baby Shower for Rev. Annie on Sunday, December 16th after the 11:00 service.
  3.  Save the date:  Annual Meeting, Sunday, January 27, 2019; one service at 10:00 a.m., with potluck and Annual Meeting to follow the service.  Anne volunteered to do paper products and Del volunteered to manage the kitchen and food.
  4.   Follow up from the Banner Task Force at the December 2018 vestry meeting.
  5.  Please forward names to Rev. Annie for possible new vestry members.  She will compile a list and this will be a discussion for the December vestry meeting.  Anne, Del and Kim are rotating off vestry.

Present:   Barbara Jewell, Charlie Kilbourne, Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz, Del Baker-Medlock, Kim Rodekohr, Mark Sally, Art Schipper (Treasurer), Anne Seed, Yann Jouvenot-Sells, Bill Smiglewski, David White Absent:  Grace Flint, Rev. Beth Gaines Call to Order After enjoying the wonderful tortilla soup provided by Kim, the November 2018 vestry meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.  Kim shared a reading on gratitude. Consent Calendar A motion was made by Barbara, with a 2nd from Yann, to approve the 10/16/18 vestry meeting minutes as presented.  Motion passed.

  •     A motion was made by Barbara, with a 2nd from Mark, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, October 2018 (attached).  Motion passed.

      A motion was made by Rev. Annie, with a 2nd from Anne to approve Andrew Mertz to have access to church computer, network and other IT systems (including passwords) to help manage and streamline church technology.  Any expenditures recommended by Andrew will be approved by Rev. Annie. Motion passed.   Reports Rector’s Report (attached)

  • Rev. Annie gave a general overview of the recent Diocesan Convention including additional details about the nomination/election process for our new Bishop.
  • Discussion about disaster preparation.  The parish will begin brainstorming on Sunday, November 18th, with an asset analysis of needs and ways we may support others in a time following a disaster.

Deacon’s Report (no report) Senior Warden’s Report (attached)

  • A motion was made by Barbara, with a 2nd from Ski, to approve the purchase and installation of Plexiglas on both sides of the South Transept Harlequin window, with material costs estimated at $326.00.  Motion approved.
  • Seventeen people have not completed the Safe Church training.  Rev. Annie will be in contact with them.

Junior Warden’s Report (attached) Special Reports/Discussion Items Banner Task Force update:  Yann, Del and Judy will meet the week after Thanksgiving and an update will be provided at the December vestry meeting.

Rev. Annie read an announcement for the Sunday service sheets about the banner, intended to keep people informed.
Interim Maternity Leave Clergy Update: *12/16/18 Rev. Annie’s last Sunday *12/21/18 Rev. Annie’s last day in the office *3/17/19 Rev. Annie return date *1/1-3/15/19
Fr. Peter’s tentative dates with us *all dates are tentative
Bricks/Pavers update:  Ski has made a good contact and it looks like we will be able to offer both new brick and new paver memorials to the parish.
Roll out at the Annual Meeting in January 2019. Very general discussion about service times and the possibility of providing childcare for those in attendance at the 8:45 Sunday service. A motion was made by Yann, with a 2nd from Kim, to empower Art to manage the anticipated 2018 budget deficit in November 2018, taking into account the $10,000 grant from the Diocese and the Party of Parties money.  Funds should be taken from the Kurtz or Sandavol memorials for this purpose. Motion passed. A motion was made by Kim, with a 2nd from Barbara, to adjourn the November 2018 vestry meeting.  Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.
Submitted, Anne Seed, Vestry Clerk
November 20182018 Vestry Reports
Vestry Reports Rector’s Report Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz Calendar Tues. 11/20 – Interfaith Service @ Temple B’nai Israel Fri. 11/30 @ 7pm – Rector’s Installation at St. Paul’s Mon. 12/3 @ 6pm – Vestry Budget Meeting Thurs. 12/6 – Fri. 12/7 – Annie @ Fresh Start Overnight Sun. 12/16 – Annie’s last scheduled Sunday Fri. 12/21 – Annie’s maternity leave begins Highlights Report on General Convention Current Goals/Projects Installation a. Piper secured b. Preacher secured – the Rev. Molly Darling c. Draft of bulletin with music has been produced d. Starting to recruit people for presentations on behalf of ministries e. Still to be done: ceremony seating assignments, reception planning, RSVP system Continuing Maternity Leave planning Disaster Preparedness forum (as requested by diocesan staff – tent. date: 11/18 between services) Sunday Morning Adult Education (Launch Advent 1) a. Rev. Mary and Kate McGovern have planned intergenerational activities after services in Advent Prayer List policy re-vamp (Launch Advent 1) Continued 1-on-1 meetings with ministry leaders, parishioners, and local clergy (12 this month) Deacon’s Report Rev. Beth Gaines Rev. Beth is taking a 1 month sabbatical during November; she’ll rejoin us for the installation, and will be officially “back” in December. Senior Warden’s Report Barbara Jewell 1.  Status of Stained Glass Window Repair:  We appeared before the HPRC at its October meeting for about three hours.  No decision was made. We are scheduled to appear again at the HPRC meeting on December 6, 2018.  One committee member said he approved our request to change from wood muntins to leaded cames. The chair suggested a compromise—that we would be allowed to repair the south transept window with lead cames on condition we took steps to preserve the harlequin window in the north transept.  The other commission members appeared to be more against our proposal than in support. Their concern is that we have not thoroughly researched proper repair, or consulted with stained glass conservation people. In fact, we have. Both Nzilani ($77,000 bid) and Helios (about $48,000) are recognized conservators in the area.  Our preferred artisan, Geraldine Emsinger, has conservation experience as well, and has done all the repair work on our windows for over 10 years. Ski is getting an estimate from another stained glass contractor in Suisun.    We have formally invited the members of the HPRC to come inspect the window.  The planning staff is setting up dates for inspection. Staff wants to be sure the Brown Act is not violated.  Inspections will occur before the December meeting.   Judy Furlong has advised that the south transept window was repaired in the early 1990’s.  I am waiting for Tim Markley to get me copies of the Vestry records so that I can determine what was done at that time.  Judy confirms that the harlequin windows are historically significant because built with wood muntins.   Larry Heltsley, Rainbow Construction, is very worried that the south window will start falling apart.  He has priced out the cost of plexiglass to install on both sides of the window—materials cost is approximately $326.00.  I suggest we approve purchase, with the understanding that we will also have to pay Larry for his time in installing the product. 2.  Printer status:  On November 15, 2018, JoAnn will send our printer vendor a letter advising that we are not renewing our current printer lease, which expires in early March, 2019.  That will allow us to find a new printer at the appointed time. JoAnn is excited about changing the printer out. 3.  Safe Church Training:  JoAnn continues to follow-up with people who are required to have this training to comply with Diocese Guidelines.  I will advise who still needs to complete the training at the meeting. 4.  Notice of new insurance coverage:  In January, 2018, Church Insurance advised us that it had added Malicious Attack Coverage to our insurance package, at no cost to us. Junior Warden’s Report Del Baker-Medlock 1. The palm trees were completed this past monday.  We did not keep the mulch as it was not quality, it was very stringy and lots of powder.  They also stated there were bugs. Because of this we do not get the discount for keeping the mulch but they also didn’t post the signage that we were charged as the city requires I have requested the signage fee to be removed.