It may “take a village to raise a child” but it takes the entire parish to keep things running smoothly and ensure the good order of buildings, phones, finances and administration.

Buildings and Grounds
Church in Fall
Would you like to help care for this wonderful church?  Is watering, light bulb changing or general maintenance your cup of tea?  Then we have a job for you.  The Junior Warden oversees the Buildings and Grounds.
Communications Ministry
The Communications Ministry works to tell our story and to streamline the communications needs of the parish.  We do this in part through the use of technology via the St. Paul’s website, the church Facebook page and the St. Paul’s app. Announcements, recordings of sermons, lay ministry schedules,  the church calendar and the Sunday lectionary readings  are all available on the St. Paul’s website and the St. Paul’s app.  The app can be downloaded free from the AppStore of Googleplay. 
Welcoming and helpful signage, the seasonal newsletter, the weekly bulletin, online announcements, email and phone reminders and the Parish directory are also a big part of how we tell our story and how we keep folks in the loop as to what is going on in and around St. Paul’s. 
The Communications Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the Rectory.  If you have skills related to photography or technology, we can use your help.
Historic Trust

The St. Paul’s Historic Trust was formed in 1971 in order to maintain our three historic buildings.  The Trust oversees the annual Peddlers’  Fair,  the main source of funding for the Trust. Since its inception, the fair has raised more than a half-million dollars and expended the same over many projects.  These include foundation replacements, window restorations, handicapped access facilities, and more.  Our buildings are in wonderful condition as a result. If you would like to know more, please contact the church office at (707) 745-0307.

Peddlers’ Fair

Two of our Peddlers' Fair Traffic Control volunteers

Two of our Peddlers’ Fair Traffic Control volunteers

The Peddlers’ Fair is the annual fundraiser to support the preservation of our historic buildings.  It takes place annually on the second Saturday of August. This one-day event involves months of planning and the support of every member of St. Paul’s.  There will be many opportunities to participate throughout the year in preparation for the 56th Annual Benicia Peddlers’ Fair.  To contact us, call (707) 745-8680 or email


Planned Giving

Helping yourself, and your church, today and tomorrow. The book of Common Prayer urges parents to make “prudent provision for the well-being of their families,” and it urges all persons to “make wills, while they are in health, not neglecting, if they are able, to leave bequests for religious and charitable purposes.” [BCP, Page 445].

Planned Giving is long-term stewardship. Usually, it is the end of life gifts that we leave behind. The Planned Giving Ministry promotes the long-term support of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Silver Library

The Silver Library is located in the Rectory (Parish Office) building. Please come in and browse. You may check books out if you have filled out a Library User form and have been entered into the computer. It’s a do-it-yourself check-out and check-in system with simple instructions posted next to the library computer. Make use of the inspirational, insightful and instructional materials provided in the library.


The nighttime security of the St. Paul’s buildings is the responsibility of the vergers. This is a group of parishioners, eight men,  who check and secure the facilities every night. With our rotating cycle, we are on duty one week every eight weeks. The job itself only takes about 15 minutes and includes checking and securing the three buildings. In addition, we open the church on Sunday mornings—unlock doors, turn on lights, make coffee, etc.  Locking up at night also allows a chance for quiet reflection in the still, quiet, thought-inducing sanctuary.


St. Paul’s Vestry manages the affairs and conducts the secular business of our parish. The Vestry also supports the rector in promoting the spiritual welfare and growth of our church.  Comprised of the rector, treasurer and nine lay members of the congregation, St. Paul’s  vestry meets once each month. 

Vestry provides an opportunity for service, spiritual growth and ministry during a very dynamic time at St. Paul’s. If you are interested in serving or would simply like to know more about the Vestry,  please see the Rector or any current Vestry member.