Vestry Minutes March 2020

Approved Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Benicia

Tuesday, March 17 @ 6:30 PM

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 21 @ 6:30

Via Zoom


Call to Order: The March 17, 2020 Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:39 pm by  The Rev. Annie Mertz.


Present: Jorge Castaneda, Cathy Cellini, Charlie Kilbourne, Helen Kennedy Lazar, Del Baker-Medlock (Treasurer), Yann Jouvenot Sells, Rev. Annie Pierpoint Mertz (Rector), David White, Betsy Zampa (Clerk), Giovanna Zampa (Youth advisor)


Absent: Ken Nowinski


David White opened with meditation about St. Patrick.


Consent Calendar


Approval of February Vestry Minutes – a motion was made by  David White to approve the February  2020 Vestry Minutes.  Seconded by Helen Kennedy Lazar.  Passed unanimously.


Approval of January Treasurer’s Report –  a motion was made by Kim Rodekohr to approve the February Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Dave White.  Passed unanimously.


Special Reports/Discussion Items


Check in: Each person in attendance at the virtual meeting checked in about how they are doing in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis. 


Rev. Annie’s Report: Rev. Annie reported on our first Live Stream service which was held on March 15, 2020.  Despite a few glitches, it was well received.  Yann and/or Jorge will be assisting with the technical side of the March 22nd service.


The 12 Step groups are still meeting in our building and thoroughly sanitizing before and after meetings.


The Community Meal will continue with meals being prepared for take-out.


Leadership of St. Paul’s having all their meetings on Zoom and it’s working well.


Worship will be Liturgy of the Word. (No Eucharist)


If Solano County has a shelter in place order, Rev. Annie will do the Live Streams from home.


Communications:  The Vestry had a discussion on how to minister our senior friends who may not communicate via the internet.  In addition to robo calls, the Vestry thought it would be wise to divide up the names in the directory and make phone calls to seniors who might not be getting our communications via the web.  Rev. Annie volunteered to write a short script that the Vestry might follow when calling.


In order coordinate helpers to help our members who may need help, Yann volunteered to make up a google document and share it with the Vestry.



Vestry Retreat originally scheduled for  Saturday, March 21 is postponed.


Call for Adjournment –  Motion to adjourn was made by Jorge Castaneda and seconded  by Helen Kennedy Lazar  Passed unanimously.   Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. 



Betsy Zampa, Clerk